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  • Uvonair 5000 Ozone Machine & Industrial Air Purifier (Purchase/ Rental)


    Uvonair 5000 Ozone Machine & Industrial Air Purifier (Purchase/ Rental)

    Unlike other odour eliminators, UVONAIR odour eliminators not only mask odours - they destroy them. UVONAIR odour eliminators produce ozone, one of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents. Ozone safely modifies the molecular structure of harmful microorganisms to eliminate odours.

    The UVONAIR UV Room is an economical system that produces ozone using specialized ultraviolet light bulbs.


    - UV protected polycarbonate body for maximum durability.
    - Model 5000 for coverage up to 5000 cu.ft.
    - Works for less than a 100 watt bulb!
    - Works in HIGH HUMIDITY areas
    - Operates in a wide range of TEMPERATURES
    - DISINFECTS parts
    - ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, creating no hazardous waste!
    - Includes Uvonair ozone strips®
    - Full 1 year warranty
    - No maintenance required


    - Place the UVONAIR odour eliminator on a high shelf in the room. Ozone is heavier than air.
    - Keep both ends clear of obstruction.
    - Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using extension cords and timers.
    - Ensure all electrical connections remain dry.

    Operating Boards
    The UVONAIR model must be chosen according to the size of the part.
    If you are using a unit larger than the recommended one, use a timer to adjust the operating time accordingly.
    Disconnect the unit before servicing.

    Buying or Renting?

    You can now rent the machine for a specific project. The rental cost is $80 per week (7 days). Rental details must be paid in store or by phone within business hours. A refund based on the length of the lease is issued once the machine is returned and inspected. Shipping is at the tenant’s expense, if required.