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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Tornador Max Z-030

    Tornador Max Z-030

    The rotation set is now equipped with patented spring technology, which increases torque and intensifies cleaning power. Thanks to the spring-loaded technology, cleaning time is reduced and efficiency greatly increased.

    The Tornador®MAX™ new ergonomic handle and trigger provide users with more control and comfort. This progressive design allows individual customization with easily replaceable color handles and trigger handles.

    The Tornador®MAX™ also features an integrated air regulator for precise air pressure control and a swivel air inlet for added flexibility.

    A slip-resistant mat on the jar will allow the Tornador®MAX™ to lie flat even when connected to an air hose, minimizing spills and falls.

    Finally, the Tornador®MAX™ features a tactical LED light that illuminates dark areas without incorporating large lights.


    Weight: 1.89 Lbs (0.86 Kgs)

    Length: 14.60" (370mm)

    Depth: 5.31" (135mm)

    Height: 9.45" (240mm)

    RPM (free): 4000

    Air consumption: 1/min. = 120

    Liquid consumption: 1/hr. = 3.6

    DBA: 92.66

    Air inlet: 1/4"

    Air pressure: 4.5 - 6.5 bar @ 65 - 95 PSI