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    Sonax Profiline UltimateCut 06+/03 Rotary/Orbital Compound 1L

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    Sonax Profiline UltimateCut 06+/03 Rotary/Orbital Compound 1L

    Sonax UltimateCut is an aggressive compound based on aluminum oxide for paint corrections requiring a severe, fast and effective cut. The UltimateCut removes sandblasting grains up to p1000 and is low in dust (very similar to the Sonax CutMax). The UltimateCut is efficient at high speed, has a long cutting capacity (very good working time), is water-based, without silicone or fillers (fillers).

    - Cut 6+, removes sandblasting grains up to P1000 even faster, leaving a glossy surface behind (Gloss 3).
    - Long window, does not dry quickly. Abrasive components remain open for a long time.
    - Water-based, wipes very easily.
    - Low dust technology.

    - If necessary, sand the paint beforehand with a P1000 grit or finer.
    - Use a rotary machine with wool pad or with the orbital as well as a hybrid wool pad (Optimum HyperWool). Work sections quickly in several small sections, especially on fresh paints.
    - Remove residue with microfibre polishing cloth (+/- 300gsm short fiber)
    - Then use the Sonax Perfect Finish to obtain an impeccable lustre with a foam pad finish or light polishing.

    1L format