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  • Sonax Profiline CC36 Ceramic Coating

    Sonax Profiline CC36 Ceramic Coating

    SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating is an all inclusive kit that requires no special training or equipment needed to apply. Even if you are not a professional detailer, you can certainly achieve professional results with SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating.

    Don’t leave your vehicle unprotected simply because you think you’re not ready for a coating. SONAX CC36 provides durable protection (up to 36 months), and insanely gloss finish, and can be applied without special equipment. Extend the life of both your paint and its shine with SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating.

    Kit Includes:

    • SONAX PROFILINE BaseCoat (1)
    • SONAX PROFILINE GlossCoat (2)
    • 2 Application sponges
    • 1 microfiber cloth
    • 2 gloves

    Before You Begin:

    • Do not apply SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating onto hot surfaces.
    • To ensure a perfectly smooth and even application, working in a well-lit garage is recommended.
    • Within an hour of applying SONAX BaseCoat, missed areas or streaks can be dissolved and removed by applying the product again.
    • The sealed vehicle should not be washed within the first three days after being treated, and when it is washed, do not use a high alkaline cleaner. Do not polish the vehicle after treatment.


    1. Using your preferred method, thoroughly clean the paint and polish with a machine to a high-gloss finish with no swirls or holograms. The surface needs to be absolutely clean before SONAX CC36 Ceramic Coating is applied.
    2. Using the enclosed applicator labeled 1, apply SONAX BaseCoat (1) in a thin layer. For sensitive paint surfaces, the enclosed Microfiber Cloth can be used wrapped around the applicator.
    3. Treat a small surface area using a criss-cross sequence. Allow to dry for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute at the most, then wipe the treated surface with a clean microfiber towel to a streak free shine.
    4. Repeat this process until the entire vehicle is treated and allow to cure for at least 1 hour - make sure the surfaces are not touched and do not get wet during this curing process.
    5. After the prescribed curing time, apply the SONAX GlossCoat (2) to achieve a superior smoothness and deep shine. Spray the product directly onto white side of the applicator labeled 2 and spread over the surface.
    6. You can treat areas of a half bonnet in size, which then need to be wiped over with a microfiber towels to remove excess product (drying is not necessary).