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  • Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer 12oz Kit A

    Solution Finish 12oz Kit A

    Solution Finish is a restorer of tarnished mouldings. It restores a black look, rich, instantly. Made from natural oils, it packs and protects black moldings while offering a durability of 6 to 8 months with a single application.
    Kit A includes:
    (1) 12oz Finish Black Trim Restorer Solution
    (2) Autofiber Applicator Black
    (5) Large Foam Detailing Swabs

    - Easy installation.
    - Dries quickly.
    - Leaves no greasy residue.

    - For best results, apply the product to a clean, cool, sun-proof surface.
    - Wear gloves and eye protection.
    - Shake the bottle well, apply a small amount on a microfibre applicator pad or sponge.
    - Extend the product with constant motion, completely covering the area to be treated.
    - Let the product penetrate the surface for 1 to 2 minutes.
    - Use a cloth or second applicator to remove excess product. Immediately remove product from painted surfaces and windows.
    - Admire the result!


    - Keep the Solution Finish bottle away from heat and moisture.
    - Close the bottle well after each use.
    - The applicator pad can be reused, keep it in a resealable plastic bag between each use.

    12oz bottle, capable of handling 30 vehicles.