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    Scangrip VEGA 2 CONNECT

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    Scangrip VEGA 2 CONNECT

    2000 LUMEN FLOODLIGHT FOR 18 V/20 V BATTERIES (not included)

    VEGA 2 CONNECT is a compact and handy LED floodlight designed for the professional user. The powerful LEDs provide a diffused and pleasant, non-blinding, uniform work light, with a large dispersion, perfect for painting and installation work. It features 2 level light output (50-100%) which makes it possible to adjust the light according to the work task.

    VEGA 2 CONNECT is compatible with METABO / CAS battery system 18 V and all other 18 V/20 V battery packs from leading power tool brands by using the SCANGRIP CONNECTOR. In addition, the SCANGRIP POWER SUPPLY can be used for direct power providing unlimited availability to light.

    Compact floodlight with high flexibility

    It comes with an integrated carrying handle and a stand for tripod mounting which make it very convenient and easy to position the light where it is needed.

    The robust housing of the VEGA 2 CONNECT is made of a highly shock-resistant plastic material, perfect for a working environment. It is also waterproof (IP54). Since the LEDs do not produce heat, there is no fire hazard when using the floodlight.

    Why you should choose VEGA 2 CONNECT

    • Compatible with METABO / CAS battery system and all other 18 V/20 V battery packs by using SCANGRIP CONNECTOR
    • Made of highly shock-resistant plastic material
    • Portable due to compact design and low weight
    • High IP54