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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Scangrip Multimatch R 03.5658US


    1200 lumens LED working light with ALL DAYLIGHT and CRI +

    The MULTIMATCH R is a practical and powerful work lamp for body and automotive inspection, providing up to 1,200 lumens to wear with your fingers.

    Equipped with the ALL DAYLIGHT function, the MULTIMATCH R offers you the possibility to choose between 5 different colors of temperatures depending on the work to be done.

    The lamp is easy to carry and ergonomically designed for a good grip of the handle, which is also equipped with powerful integrated magnets for flexible mounting where you will need it. This gives you great flexibility and application possibilities for in-line inspection of cars and other narrow areas.

    The lamp is designed for direct mounting on the new SCANGRIP Wheel Stand tripod.

    A built-in rechargeable power bank with USB socket allows charging the device easily.

    Lighting solutions for the paint industry
    The new generation of SCANGRIP lighting for the paint industry is the most complete and sophisticated in the world. They are designed to match colors, details and paint jobs in general.

    CRI +

    SCANGRIP lighting solutions for the automotive industry have created a new standard, CRI+ which consists of an average of 15 values -R to measure the effectiveness of colour perception in comparison with the perception of colour under sunlight. The majority of "Sun Match" lamps on the market only take into account the first -R values for the CRI calculation. IRC+ is the only fairly complete definition that should be used in the industry for better colour recognition.

    // The design of the MULTIMATCH R is unique and is covered by the European Union drawing patent no. 2221044.

    Light source

    Ultra high CRI+ COB LED
    Flow, Max (Lumen) 2500
    Flow, Min (Lumen) 250

    Illumination, Max (Lux)


    Illumination, Min (Lux)

    Illumination distance (Meter) 0.50
    CRI RA >CRI+ 96
    CCT (Kelvin) 6500
    CCT, Low (Kelvin) 2500

    Lighting modes

    5 niveaux
    Adjustment of the lighting temperature 5 températures

    Lighting angle