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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Rupes UNO Advanced 250mL

    Rupes UNO Advanced 250mL

    Rupes UNO ADVANCED combines incredible shine and extremely durable protection in a single finishing product. The exclusive formula developed, blended and packaged entirely in-house by RUPES features highly technical micro-abrasive technology fused with advanced nano protection.

    UNO ADVANCED removes minor imperfections from a variety of surfaces while creating a durable protective layer that provides up to 12 months of protection from environmental contaminants and makes cleaning incredibly easy.

    Use UNO ADVANCED as a stand-alone solution for light defect correction, shine enhancement and protection in one step, or as a follow-up step after more aggressive preparation. In each application, the surface will be significantly brighter and ultra smooth to the touch.

    UNO ADVANCED is universally compatible with all types of machine movement and can be used safely on any non-porous surface, including "single stage" and clear coat paint, varnish, gelcoat, powder, aluminum and more.

    Advice for professionals

    - Shake RUPES UNO Advanced well before use and every time you reapply it on your pad.
    - Use RUPES UNO Advanced with RUPES D-A Ultra-Fine Foam Pad or RUPES D-A Ultra-Fine Microfiber Pad to remove light imperfections.
    - If you need more defect removal, use RUPES UNO Advanced with RUPES D-A Medium Wool Pad.
    - RUPES UNO Advanced cure completely in 4h. Avoid exposure to moisture during this time.

    250mL format