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    Rupes Mark III LHR 21 Random Orbital Polisher COMPLETE Kit

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    Rupes Mark III LHR 21 Random Orbital Polisher COMPLETE Kit

    With its 21mm orbit and 150mm plateau, the LHR21 MarkIII is the perfect tool to attack large areas. The LHR 21 MarkIII allows its operator to obtain a correction result of the highest quality, even with a limited number of passes or sections.

    Improved efficiency guarantees more power and torque on every surface.

    It is equipped with a 9-meter (29.5-foot) heavy-duty rope that eliminates, in the vast majority of cases, the need for an extension. It allows you to save time at installation and preparation.

    The all-new adjustable speed caster provides control and comfort for a specific use. Excellent grip, it allows you to adjust the speed while continuing your correction work. The addition of small rubber guards protects the electronics near the variable caster and prevents the risk of the tool falling and turning on itself when placed on a bench or trolley.

    In addition to the all-new speed caster, the LHR 21 Mark III also has a progressive trigger that acts like a gas pedal, delivering power linearly and allowing the user complete control.


    Ø Backing pad Diameter mm-in 150 – 6"
    Ø Orbit Diameter mm-in 21 -13/16”
    Power Watt 500
    R.P.M. 3000 – 4500
    Weight kg-lbs 2,7 – 5,95
    Speed Control Oui
    Backing pad Thread M8

    Cord Lenght

    m-ft 9 – 29,5


    The Deluxe package includes :

    - Random orbital polisher (Ø150mm - 6” - 21mm orbit)(LHR21III)

    - D-A COARSE polishing compound 250mL (9.DACOARSE)

    - D-A FINE polishing compound 250mL (9.DAFINE)
    - UNO PURE 250mL
    - Wool polishing pad COARSE Ø150-170mm (9.BW180H)
    - Wool polishing pad FINE Ø150-170mm (9.BW180M)
    - D-A COARSE foam polishing pad Ø150-180mm - Ø6”-7” (9 .DA180H)
    - D-A FINE foam polishing pad Ø150-180mm - Ø6”-7” (9.DA180M)
    - 4x Microfiber cloths (9.BF9010)
    - Claw pad (9.BF7001)
    - Cable Clamp(9.Z1024)
    - BIGFOOT apron(9.Z868)
    - BIGFOOT tools bag(9.Z1043/BF)

    The Rupes Big Foot LHR21 Mark III comes with a one-year warranty.