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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Rupes DA Ultra Fine (6" - LHR21) White Ultra Finishing Foam Pad 180mm

    Rupes DA Ultra Fine (6" - LHR21) White Ultra Finishing Foam Pad 180mm

    DA ULTRAFINE foam pad is our best foam quality, designed for ultra-shiny finishes, for finishing on very soft or misty paint. Pair it with the UNO PURE ultra-thin polishing paste to remove extremely fine defects or to bring out a very high-level finish on the vehicle, even on the most difficult and delicate paints to finish.

    The unique new composition of DA ULTRA-FINE has a lighter white colour with a lower tendency to yellowing over time and can also be used for sealant or wax application when no correction is required.

    Sold individually. Rupes 6" / 180mm DA Ultra Finishing foam pad