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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Rupes 150mm Yellow Medium Wool Polishing Pad

    Rupes 150mm Yellow Medium Wool Polishing Pad

    The Rupes wool pads have been designed to work with the Rupes Big Foot polishers. This yellow pad removes holograms, light defects and oxidation from painted surfaces. The "Medium" version includes slightly shorter and softer fibers for effective correction work including on ceramic clears.

    Sold individually and available in several sizes.


    Number Ø MM (FACE) Ø IN (FACE) Compatible Tool
    9.BW40M 45mm 1.75″ Nano w/ 30mm backing plate
    9.BW70M 65mm 2.5″ Nano w/ 50mm backing plate
    9.BW100M 90mm 3.5″ LHR75E, LHR75, LTA75
    9.BW150M 145mm 5.75″ LHR15II, LHR15ES, LHR12E, LTA125, LK900E w/ 125mm backing plate
    9.BW180M 170mm 6.75″ LHR21II, LHR21ES, LK900E w/ 150mm backing plate