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  • P&S Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant 16oz

    P&S Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant 16oz

    High performance spray sealant

    The P&S Bead Maker is an excellent spray sealer that uses the bonding ability of monomers to produce a long chain of polymers that bind firmly to the surfaces and result in a brilliant finish, which makes water bead profusely and offers good durability. Ease of use provides quick and easy protection.

    Bead Maker will save you time. It is very easy to use. Spray generously, wipe. It can be applied on a wet or dry surface and can be sprayed on all exterior surfaces of the car.

    Advanced formula

    What makes the Bead Maker different from others comes from its molecules that attach to the painted surfaces of a vehicle. Once firmly anchored, these cross-link molecules polymerize on surfaces, creating a hydrophobic barrier of protection.

    Bead Maker also has UV filters that stabilize and filter the sun’s rays, reducing their effects and degradation caused by UV rays.

    For best results, keep the surfaces dry for 4 to 8 hours after application to allow a sufficient time of cure. The time varies with the ambient temperature and humidity.

    Application Process


    Format de 500mL, vaporisateur inclus.