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    OBSSSSD Detailing Clay Bar Ultra Fine 200g

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    OBSSSSD Detailing Clay Bar Ultra Fine

    OBSSSSD Ultra Fine Clay Bar
    The OBSSSSD Ultra Fine Clay Bar is the first precision tool to clean and eliminate contamination of delicate paints. With proper use, the OBSSSSD™ Ultra Fine Finish Clay Bar leaves behind a smooth glass-like finish that can be safely used on most surfaces. Always test a discrete area to ensure that the clay bar does not damage the surface.

    : Make sure the surface is clean and dry before using the bar. Always check and inspect areas to ensure that the paint finish is not further damaged.


    - Flatten a piece of OBSSSSD disc-shaped clay or a disc about 2 to 3 inches in diameter, the equivalent of having a good grip, not too big or too small.
    - Generously apply your favorite clay bar lubricant to the disc and area to be cleaned.
    - Gently rub the finishing clay on the surface back and forth. Work in small sections until contamination is removed.
    - Fold and flatten the clay frequently to expose a fresh cleaning surface.
    - Apply lubricant frequently to maintain lubrication.
    - Discard the clay if it falls to the ground or when a clean surface can no longer be exposed.
    - Always store the OBSSSSD clay in a sealed container after use.

    The advantages of OBSSSSD clay:

    - Ideal for removing paint overspray, tar, iron contamination, road paint and even paint transfers.
    - Safe for glass, wheels and metal surfaces.
    - 200 grams