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    Oberk Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover 500mL

    Oberk Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover 500mL

    Oberk Wheel Cleaner is a pH-neutral 2-in-1 rim cleaner that uses an advanced chemical formulation to remove iron particles and excessive brake dust without damaging even the most delicate wheel finishes.

    With a thicker viscosity, Oberk 2-in-1 Cleaner clings to the vertical surfaces of the wheel while maintaining a foamy mixture of cleaners to lift and remove contaminants from everyday surfaces picked up on the road or by your vehicle’s braking system.

    The Oberk 2-in-1 Wheel Cleaner is safe for all painted surfaces, plastics and more, but it was developed to fill the gap between new iron removal technology and traditional foam wheel cleaners.

    - The color iron reactive solvent becomes purple when it reacts with brake dust and iron particles.
    - Safe neutral pH on all wheel finishes including chrome, aluminum, paint and powdercoat finishes.
    - Foaming lubricant cleaner The foaming feature helps lift and remove dirt and other contaminants from the surface before agitation
    - The formulation adheres to the surface and sits longer on the vertical surfaces of the wheels improving the cleaning ability.
    - Safe for safe paint to be used on a painted surface of the vehicle.

    Operating instructions :

    We recommend that the vehicle be in the shade and that the cold paint to the touch. Application with hot paint or direct sunlight can cause drying, water stains and shorter working time.

    The Oberk wheel cleaner is safe for all finishes, but it retains the cleaning power needed to remove iron and clean road debris. The formula changes color to show when it reacts with iron particles and sticks to vertical surfaces for a longer working and cleaning time.

    1- Spray the Oberk 2-1 Wheel Cleaner on a DRY wheel surface and leave to rest for a few moments.
    2- The wheel surface can be wet, but spraying directly onto the dry surface will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of iron removal.
    3- Brush the wheel face and barrel surface and rinse.

    500mL format