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  • Nanoskin Autoscrub Sponge Fine Grade 4.5" x 2.5" x 1 1/8"

    Nanoskin Autoscrub Sponge Fine Grade 4.5" x 2.5" x 1 1/8"


    • Allows up to 4x more use than traditional clay bar.
    • The essential decontamination step to obtain a perfect "show room" finish.
    • Glides well on surfaces and leaves a very soft and smooth finish.
    • If falls on the ground, just clean it for reuse.

    Product Details

    The NANOSKIN AUTOSCRUB system achieves professional results quickly and easily due to its innovative rubber/polymer technology. Nanoskin’s Autoscrub pad replaces the clay bar step. The decontamination pad is used with a dual-action orbital polisher or directly by hand. It easily removes paint "fume", traces of water, fresh tree sap, brake dust and other contaminants from surfaces such as paint, glass, mouldings and plastics. Unlike the bar of clay, the Autoscrub pad can be cleaned simply by rinsing the rubber surface to remove contaminants from the surface. Also, if you escape the Autoscrub pad on the ground, you just have to rinse the surface well so you can reuse the pad, which is impossible to do with the clay bar. The Autoscrub glides easily on the surfaces allowing excellent control and simple use, unlike the clay bar which must be constantly manipulated/ reformed.


    *To prepare the surface properly, use the Nanoskin Glide lubricant.


    Use ONLY on a cold, well-cleaned surface. DO NOT work on a surface with a temperature below 12°C or above 65°C. ALWAYS perform the "Break-in" step before the very first use (see below for details). Always work a discreet area for the first use, in case of undesirable effects on the surface.

    1 - Wash the car thoroughly and remove dirt and dust from surfaces.
    2 - Diluted Nanoskin Glide lubricant (16 Oz makes 1 Gallon of solution to use)
    3 - Spray the Nanoskin Glide preparation on the surface so that it has a properly lubricated surface.
    4 - Polish the surface with your dual-action orbital polisher by lightly pressing the polisher (at low speed).
    5 - Remove residue with a clean, dry microfibre.


    Sufficient lubrication is crucial for the use of Nanoskin Autoscrub.

    *Water alone is not an adequate lubricating solution.

    *DO NOT use with rotary polisher

    *Autoscrub pad is not solvent resistant.

    *Remove grease and tar from surfaces prior to application.

    Practical tip

    The Autoscrub pad includes a protective coating to ensure product stability during transport.

    To perform the "Break in" step, lubricated the Autoscrub pad with your lubricant of choice.

    Then lubricated a portion of a window (windshield or other). Rub the Autoscrub for 30 to 60 seconds against the glass with a circular motion (this step can be done by hand or machine). You will see a soapy foam coming out of the pad, it is the protective coating coming out of the pad.

    Do not use your Nanoskin Autoscrub until the polymerized rubber is soft and slightly sticky to the touch.

    Cold temperatures can harden the pad, warm the pad before use.