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  • Nanolex WashCoat 750mL

    Nanolex WashCoat 750mL

    Nanolex WashCoat is an incredibly fast and effective way to protect and maintain the exterior surfaces of motor vehicles.

    WashCoat is applied to the car after washing, while the car is still wet. It forms a chemical bond with the paint and refreshes previously applied protective layers. After treatment with WashCoat, the level of gloss of the paint and the properties of water beading are greatly increased. Your car will stay cleaner longer and easier to wash.

    WashCoat can be applied with a foam lance or pump sprayer.

    With proper maintenance, Nanolex WashCoat has a lifespan of about 2000 km on the surfaces on which it was applied.

    Nanolex WashCoat was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.