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  • Nanolex Ultra Cut Polish 1L

    Nanolex Ultra Cut Polish 1L

    Nanolex Ultra Cut has been developed to eliminate both deep scratches and sanding marks equivalent to P1000 grain. Highly versatile, it works perfectly on all types of automotive paint both with orbital and rotary tools. The product leaves an excellent finish, without hologram. For a perfect finish, follow with the Nanolex Finishing for optimum clarity and shine before adding your favorite paint protection.

    Nanolex Ultra Cut Polish is free of silicone oils, waxes and masking agents.

    Shake well before use. Always perform a spot test in a discreet place. Do not use on hot surfaces. Protect from frost and temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius.

    Nanolex products have been developed, tested and produced in Germany.

    1L format