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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Nanolex Race Film Remover 750mL

    Nanolex Race Film Remover 750mL

    Cars used on track days tend to collect race track-related contamination in greater proportions than cars used only on open road. Oil, grease, rubber, bitumen and tar can generally be found in relatively thick deposits, especially at the front of the car, along the sills and around the wheel arches.

    Nanolex Race Film Remover contains specific raw materials to make it very effective at destroying these types of contamination. Grease and adhesive residues are easily removed, dissolving bonds and evaporating to leave no residue.

    Features and benefits

    - A powerful cleaner that even dissolves tough contaminants
    - Suitable for removing oils, grease, tar, bitumen and rubber
    - Without halogenated hydrocarbons or aromatic solvents
    - Evaporates without leaving residue
    - Safe for your paint protection

    Nanolex Race Film Remover was developed, tested and produced in Germany

    750mL format