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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Nanolex Professional Glue EX


    Nanolex Professional Glue EX


    - Removes tar, glue residue and tree resin from hard and painted surfaces

    - Safe application on sensitive surfaces

    - Slower evaporation for longer action time


    Manual :

    – Spray locally on a dry surface, leave to act and wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Do not leave on unpainted plastic surfaces (exterior black plastics, lacquered parts, etc…).

    Note : Like any very solvent-based product, it is advisable to carry out tests on a non-visible area when it comes to a material other than the varnish of the car. Nanolex Professional Glue Ex is designed above all to dissolve the most stubborn glues (PPF residues, Wrap / covering of rental utility for example)