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  • Nanolex One Polish & Protect 750ml

    Nanolex One Polish & Protect 750ml

    Nanolex One Polish & Protect is an AIO (All-In-One), which means that it acts as a polish, cleaner (degreasing phase before the protection is applied) and polymer sealant.

    It can be used by hand or machine with a medium pad.

    The degree of cut is similar to the Nanolex Medium Cut Polish, while offering a sealant with a durability of a few months.

    This product has been developed, tested and produced in Germany.

    Operating instructions :

    – Place a few drops of Nanolex One Polish & Protect on a foam pad
    - Work the product on the painted surface of the vehicle by hand or polisher until it becomes transparent
    - Wipe away residue

    Shake well before use. First test compatibility in a low-visibility area. Do not use on hot surfaces. Protect from frost and temperatures above 32°C.