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  • Nanolex Finishing Polish 750mL

    Nanolex Finishing Polish 750mL

    The Nanolex Finishing Polish is the Nanolex finishing paste. It eliminates fine scratches and holograms from all kinds of vehicle paints, leaving a shiny finish with rotary or dual action machine. The best results are obtained in combination with a soft Nanolex polishing pad.

    Nanolex Finishing Polish is a micro-abrasive formulated without the use of silicone oil, wax and fillers.

    - Shake well before using.
    - First test compatibility in a low-visibility area.
    - Do not use on hot surfaces. Always keep the work surface cold to temperate.
    - Protect from frost and temperatures above 32°C.

    Nanolex products are developed, tested and produced in Germany.