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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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    Nanoskin CERAMIC Nano Synthetic Sealant 4oz

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    Nanoskin CERAMIC Nano Synthetic Sealant 4oz

    • Long-Lasting Protection
    • Very high glossy
    • Hologram free
    • Low consumption
    • Doesn't stain the plastics
    • Anti-dust
    • UV absorber

    Product Detail Strengthening increase in paint gloss and protection against oxidation, Ultra-violet rays, acidic rain, tree saps and even insects.

  • Applicable for the protection treatment of painted surfaces and gelcoat.
    • CNPS also remove minimum-sized defects (holograms) with his abrasive action.
    • Applicable by orbital DA polisher or air sander with soft polishing foam pad.
    • Excellent for all kind of paint & gelcoat.
    • Use White/Black Foam Pad for a High glossy finish without haze, opacity and holograms.
    • Increase the paint life by 40-50%
    • Reduce dirt accumulation by 70-80%
  • ApplicationOn all automotive paints, included: acrylics, water-based, high solid LOW VOC, two-component, single-component and OEM auto products. Suitable for ceramic anti-scratch paints and new water-based clear coats. DIRECTIONS:
    To achieve best result, use with DA polisher or air sander.
    1. Apply CNPS in small quantity on the surface to be treated.
    Polish small areas at a time.
    2. Polish the surface very well applying medium pressure.
    3. Reduce pressure allow the polishing action to take place.
    4. After polishing, leave the product to make adhesion for at least 30 ~ 60 min.
    5. Remove any residue or film with clean dry microfiber towel.