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  • Mirka 3" P3000 Abralon Foam Polishing Grip Discs


    Mirka 3" P3000 Abralon Foam Polishing Grip Discs

    Mirka Abralon 3" sanding discs are award-winning abrasives built from a unique multifunctional sanding material, developed for flexible sanding of smooth and profiled surfaces.

    By combining the advantages of fabric and non-woven products, its patented and flexible construction allows it to create smooth sanding on inclined surfaces and edges while minimizing the risk of pressure marks. Flexible weaving also allows water and air to flow freely, making it suitable for wet and dry sanding, either by machine or by hand.

    Abralon discs are washable, extending the life of the disc while keeping your finishes consistent every time. Abralon performs best when used at slower speeds.

    Sold individually or in a box of 20 discs

    Features and benefits

    - Designed for sanding profiled surfaces, corners and sharp edges
    - Built with fabric face and foam center
    - Openings in fabric allow water, solvent and air to flow freely around the abrasive
    - Foam centre provides uniform surface pressure that helps remove “pressure marks” when hand sanding
    - Designed for optimal performance in wet or dry sanding
    - Silicon carbide abrasive bonded with special resin