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    Meguiar's Ultra Pro Finishing Polish M210 - 32 oz

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    Meguiar's Ultra Pro Finishing Polish M210 - 32 oz

    Meguiar Ultra Pro M210 Finish Polish helps eliminate light imperfections and refine your paint safely. Whether you only have slight imperfections that need to be removed, or if you follow a heavy shimming step, you will need to achieve a light shimming. Meguiar designs this high quality formula with its SMAT Abrasive technology, designed to be used with Dual Action (DA) polishers.

    The M210 can be used as a complement to the equally exceptional Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Speed Compound M110, or as a stand-alone polish during a one-step polishing process. Swirls of light, spider webs and other imperfections will be removed with ease and you will end up with an optically clear and brilliant finish. M210 works very well on any painted surface, but really shines on capricious and soft and fragile paints.