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  • Large Foam Detailing Swabs (25Pack)


    Large Foam Detailing Swabs (25Pack)

    Any professional detailer knows the difference between being the best and being no better than thousands of others is in the details! While some may not care about that edge of the honeycomb grill that wasn't dressed or that wax buildup along the edge of that clear bra, there are others that care deeply! If your clients demand perfection don't go without our Pro Detailing Swabs.

    Achieve better results in less time by easily reaching all those hard to reach places you never could before with swabs designed for exactly the task at hand! Whether cleaning, polishing, dressing, or coating we have a swab specific for each task. Our professional detailing swabs . Dressing the window seals without getting product on your freshly polished and protected paint has never been easier.

    Key Applications and Features:

    • Window Seals
    • Honeycomb grills
    • Cleaning or Dressing
    • Head thermally bonded to handle (no adhesive used)
    • 100% free of any silicones or oils (safe for use with coatings)
    • Resistant to solvents and most chemicals
    • Paint and chrome safe
    • - Foam Head -
    • Material: 100 ppi foam
    • Color: White
    • Length: 1"
    • Width: 5/8"
    • Thick: 5/16"
    • - Handle -
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Color: Green
    • Length: 4 1/8"
    • Width: 1/4"

    25 Pack