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    Itekt Windshield Liquid Glass Nanotechnology Protection Kit

    Itekt Windshield Liquid Glass Nanotechnology Protection Kit

    For any vehicle owner, the car is one of the most important investments. So why not protect her and give her the necessary care while guaranteeing your own safety?

    In our tests, we discovered that our revolutionary iTEKT liquid glass helps keep water, oil and dirt off the glass, while offering additional benefits for you and your vehicle.

    Made from all-natural components, the ITEKT protective coating is completely invisible, silicone-free, easy to apply and increases the strength of glass by 20%. The real deal!


    - Hydrophobic effect up to one year
    - Helps repel dirt, snow, ice and insects
    - 20% higher resistance to shocks and scratches
    - Improved visibility in harsh weather conditions
    - Easy application in 15 minutes
    - Flawless, clean finish
    - Silicone-free
    - No discoloration with UV light
    -Reduces windshield washer fluid consumption

    What is included in the kit:

    - (1) ITEKT 12ml Protector
    - (1) 12ml Cleaner
    - (1) Cerium 4g based abrasive
    - (3) wipes
    - (1) microfiber