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    iK Multi Pro 2 Vaporisateur Pressurised 64oz

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    iK Multi Pro 2 Vaporisateur Pressurised 64oz

    Apply your specialized chemicals easily during your aesthetic work...
    Professional 64oz manual pump sprayer designed for the effective application of cleaners, degreasers, acids, alcohols, alkaline products, polishers, oil-based products or simply water during your detailing work. A choice of nozzle allows you to create a fine directional jet or a spray spray.

    Robust polypropylene/ injection molded polyethylene tank with seals in Viton offering excellent resistance to acids and chemicals.

    Comes with 2 nozzle choices for two convenient spray types. The iK Multi Pro 2 Includes a safety valve that releases the pressure at the top of 45 psi (depressurizable option) with option to bar the trigger. ISO-9001:2008 certified.

    New stable and robust base with easy to use manual pump. Two color-coded handle tips for chemical identification (blue/ green). Additional nozzle storage and large filler for easy and splash-free filling.

    IK MULTI Pro 2 sprayer features:

    - Translucent tank with level indicator
    - More stable base with foot support
    - Large opening for easy filling
    - Safety bar
    - Depressurization option via safety valve
    - Ability to identify tank contents with colour lids
    - Possibility to put different nozzles
    - Easy disassembly and reassembly (without necessary tools) for maintenance and cleaning between simple and quick uses.


    - Safety valve: 45 PSI depressurization
    - Specialized foaming nozzle
    - Total Capacity: 64 oz (1.9 liter)
    - Usable capacity: 50 oz (1.48 liter)
    - Safety bar
    - Colour covers for quick identification of solutions
    - Large opening for easy filling
    - Litres/min. 3 bar: 0.50 l/min. - 1 pint/min.
    - Weight: 0.56 kg - 1.23 lbs.
    - 2 different nozzles for 2 different spray options

    Use the iK MULTI Pro 2 to:
    - Optimal for disinfectants, degreasers, alcohols, alkali, ketones, acids
    - Suitable for petroleum oils, solvents and by-products