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  • Flex PXE 80 12V Kit - Mini Battery Polisher

    Flex PXE 80 12V Kit - Mini Battery Polisher


    The Flex PXE 80 is a complete kit incorporating a mini battery polisher. This is a powerful machine offering you the mode of movement you can choose, either in rotary or orbital mode!

    The Flex PXE 80 is a very practical machine. Because of its compactness, it allows access to difficult areas of reach.

    What already makes it a success all over the world, is its ability to change heads in a few seconds with its Quick Connect ring. So you can switch from one mode to another in a split second!

    Thanks to its powerful brushless motor (brushless), its 4 different speeds and an LED indicator on the battery charge level, you have optimal control of the machine at all times.

    Its compact format allows you to access all those restricted places you could not otherwise reach. In addition to correcting and polishing painted surfaces, it is also perfect for sanding and correcting headlights.

    Its rotary mode will allow you to correct defects faster, while its orbital mode will allow you to refine the varnish for an exceptional lustre.

    Thanks to the electronic management system (EMS), the lifespan and efficiency of the device are greatly increased.

    Technical Data
    - No load speed : 400-2000/ 3000/ 4000/ 5800/ min
    Stroke rate at no-load : 800-4000/ 6000/ 8000/ 11600/ min
    - Battery voltage : 12V
    - Battery capacity : 2.5/ 4.0/ 6.0 Ah (2x 2.5 Ah come with this kit, compatible with other Flex 4.0 and 6.0 Ah battery models)
    - Empty weight without battery : 0.630kg

    What is in the kit

    - 1x Flex PXE 80 Battery Polisher
    - 2x 12V 2.5 A Flex Battery
    - 1x Flex 75mm Velcro Tray
    - 1x Flex Velcro tray 30mm
    - 1x Velcro Support Pad 30mm
    - 1x Rotary Flex Adapter
    - 1x Eccentric (orbital) adapter 3mm
    - 1x Eccentric (orbital) 12mm adapter
    - 1x Flex Fast Battery Charger
    - 1x Flex convenient carrying bag