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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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    Fireball Winter Wax Set (2x 50mL) Limited Edition!

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    Fireball Winter Wax Set (2x 50mL) Limited Edition!

    Carnauba T1 high-grade exposure wax
    Fireball Winter Wax offers a bright lustre, deepens the colors of the car and offers an incredible finish. It adds a shade to the finishes; darkens the dark paint and adds a rich shade to the lighter-coloured finishes.

    Directions for Use :

    Spread the product as thinly as possible, leave the light mist for 5~10 minutes and wipe dry with a clean microfibre. Can be laminated after 6~12 hours for extra depth. It will have a bright finish after application, and even better after its cure time of 12~24 hours later.

    Contains 2 50 ml bottles.