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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Fireball Waterspot Remover 500mL

    Fireball Waterspot Remover 500mL

    Water Spot is the perfect solution for removing stubborn water spots, scales, and stains. This heavy-duty, mild, acid-based formula quickly and effectively neutralizes alkaline and sodium-based minerals, leaving you with a surface to protect against future deposits. It works best on clear-coat, glass, chrome, and ceramic/graphene coated surfaces. Due to its gentle pH balance, it won't harm delicate surfaces unless left to dry. Use this powerful cleaner whenever there are unsightly spots. Water Spot allows surfaces to be wiped clean without using any harsh abrasives or scrubbing. 

    Features & Benefits :

    - Effectively removes water spots

    - Safe to use on quality coatings and PPF

    - Easy-to-use formula

    - Thoroughly prepares the surface for protection

    - Water-based & active acids

    - Works on most surfaces with contamination

    How to use :

    Shake well before using the product.

    Working in sections, simply spray onto the clean surface, avoiding any direct sunlight.

    Allow Water Spot to dwell for 30 seconds without letting it dry.

    Use a soft microfiber towel and thoroughly buff the Water Spot residue multiple times until the product has disappeared, leaving behind a spot-free finish.

    Repeat steps if necessary. 

    Tips :

    If unsure of safety on surfaces, test in a small area out of sight.

    Water Spot may remove sealants and coatings depending on the product previously applied.

    When using Water Spot, make sure that any overspray is removed immediately.