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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Fireball Shampoo (Show Car) 4L

    Fireball Shampoo (Show Car) 4L

    Your new favorite soap! A luxurious shampoo ultra concentrated in 1:1000 dilution.

    The Fireball Show Car Shampoo is designed to give you the best possible washing experience. It's intoxicating fragrance will make your washing experience extraordinary! It's formula has been carefully designed to clean thoroughly, leaving your surfaces polished and smooth with excellent lubrication los transitions to mitten. It's intelligent pH-balanced surfactants gently break down dirt without disturbing the natural properties of your paint protection. The all-new Show Car Shampoo offers a highly concentrated 1:1000 ratio, which is significantly more economical than competition.

    Features and Benefits:

    - Designed for use with all Fireball nanotechnology products and coatings, including Pirouette, Hydro Foam, Easy Coat, etc.

    - The pH-neutral surfactant ingredients offer a strong cleansing and foaming action.

    - High-end wash for an impeccable finish.

    - Very concentrated 1:1000

    - pH neutral 7.0

    - Powerful cleaning

    - Foaming

    - Excellent lubrication

      How to use:
      Shake the bottle well to mix well.

      Fill the washing bucket with about 1/3oz. (10ml) Shampoo by filling the bucket to mix the solution and activate the foam. Fill with 2 to 3 gallons (10 to 15 liters) of water. (4 Shampoo caps = 1 oz)

      Avoiding direct sunlight, rinse the vehicle with water to remove free debris from surfaces. Wash from top to bottom using a Fireball wash glove or wash pad, rinsing the glove/pad periodically in a second bucket filled with clean water.

      Do not allow the shampoo to dry on the surface. After washing, thoroughly rinse the vehicle with water to remove shampoo residue and dry it with your favorite drying towel, Teddy Bear towel or blower.