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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Fireball pH3 Shampoo 18.75L

    Fireball pH3 Shampoo 18.75L

    PH3 is a mild acidic car shampoo with excessive foam cleaning action that powers through contaminants, water spots, and scale build-up from paint, wheels, and exterior surfaces. Ph3 Shampoo car shampoo is designed to aid in safely removing any existing waxes and sealants from exterior surfaces.

    Features & Benefits :

    - Perfect solution for pre-wash

    - Removes contaminants and previously applied protection

    - Fast-acting formula for optimal results

    - Fixes clogged coating surfaces

    - Removes minerals from coated and uncoated surfaces

    - Safe for coated and non-coated cars

    - Ceramic coating rejuvenation abilities

    How To Use :

    • Compressed Foam Sprayer Method-Wheels

    1 - Dilute with water from 1:15~1:25.

    2 - Spray the dilution on the wheel.

    3 - Use a brush or a mitt, to ensure all surfaces are lathered

    4 - Do not let dry and rinse the surface thoroughly.

    Foam Cannon Method - Full exterior

    1 - Dilute with water 1:5 ~ 1:10.

    2 - Spray dilution on the entire vehicle, including the wheels.

    3 - Do not let dry, and rinse the surface thoroughly.

    Hand Wash Method - Full exterior

    1 - Pre-rinse vehicle to remove any loose debris.

    2 - Dilute with water 1:600 ~ 1:1000 into a Fireball Wash Bucket

    3 - Wash from the top of the vehicle to the bottom using a Fireball Wash Mitt/Pad

    4 - Rinse the mitt periodically in a second bucket filled with clean water

    5 - Do not let dry, and thoroughly rinse with high-pressure water.

    Pre-Wash Method - Full exterior

    Note : You can use leaner ratios for a more flowing mixture or a richer ratio for a denser foam.

    1 - Dilute with water 1:5 ~ 1:10

    2 - Allow Ph3 to remain on the surface for 1-2 minutes, or as long as possible BEFORE drying.

    3 - Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water.

    Tips :

    PH3 should not be used as a routine wash method as it simultaneously strips contaminants., leaving behind a bare surface.