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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Fireball Foaming Pump Empty Bottle 8oz

    Fireball Foaming Pump Empty Bottle 8oz

    Want to take your interior detailing to a new standard? Our High-quality foamer bottle will help achieve those results. The Foamer bottle simply turns Nappa Cleaner from a spray form to a foamer and takes dilution to another level. The leak-proof, foaming dispenser requires less product with the proper mixing of air and Nappa Cleaner to achieve a precise amount of quality and cleaning efficiency. The foam application allows you to evenly apply Nappa Cleaner in a more controlled application without having the excess product in areas that are not necessary. It is perfect to use on areas that are more sensitive to over-saturation such as radios, steering wheels, gauge clusters, and other sensitive surfaces. The professional chrome print allows you to show off your amazing product and ensures a visible indicator level. The Nappa Cleaner Empty Foamer bottle can be reused and refilled and holds up to 250ml. 

    Features & Benefits :

    - Evenly applies Nappa Cleaner

    - Controlled workspace

    - Limits the amount of product distributed

    - Reusable 

    - Eliminates product waste with every pump