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  • ​ Autofiber [Quadrant Wipe] Microfiber Coating Application Towel (16 in. x 16 in.) - 10 pack


    Autofiber [Quadrant Wipe] Microfiber Coating Leveling Towel (16 in. x 16 in.) - 10 Pack

    When applying a ceramic coating the residual product removal (or leveling) stage is essential. The process removes high/low spots and insures that the coating cures properly with evenness and clarity.

    When leveling coatings it is important to wipe with a clean towel surface. As the coating that is removed from the paint surface it begins to harden and cure in the towel fibers. The hardened fibers can scratch.

    Most coating installers know that they can maximize their towel performance by folding the towel twice to get eight 8"x8" sections. As each side is used the ceramic coating applicator cloth is flipped and re-folded to a clean towel section.

    It can become confusing and easy to forget which side has or hasn't be used. We have had many coating installers ask us for a solution to this problem. This is our solution. Each quadrant of the ceramic coating applicator cloth is printed 1 through 8, so that the detailer can keep track of the sides as they have been used for leveling.

    • 16"x16"
    • 70/30 Blend
    • 300 gsm
    • Quadrants Printed 1 - 8
    • Made in China
    • 10 pack