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  • APS Rupes Washer Mod

    APS Rupes Washer Mod 

    APS Rupes Washer Mod is a washer specially designed for the eccentric base support Rupes and is used to change the distance between the top of the support plate and the rubber lip of the eccentric sleeve located just above.

    The eccentric polishers Rupes LHR12, Rupes LHR15, Rupes LHR21 (including Mark III) have a rubber lip on the bottom edge of the eccentric shaft. This rubber lip is often in close contact with the Velcro plate and prevents it from rotating freely. As a result, the movement is severely altered, especially with pressure on the machine or by long-term use that creates heat and causes the rubber to swell slightly.. As a result, the rubber lip rubs against the top of the Velcro plate and not only rubs, but also creates abrasion, which appears with unsightly abrasion marks on the top of the tray.

    The APS Washer Mod increases the distance between the support and the rubber lip by 1 to 2 mm, allowing for higher free rotation and better correction results during your work.