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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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    APS PRO FX50 Quick Release Extension 50mm for Flex PXE 80

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    APS PRO FX50 Quick Release Extension 50mm for Flex PXE 80

    The APS 50mm extension keeps the backing plate away from your FLEX PXE 80 by 50mm, allowing a little more comfort and better working angles related to complex situations when polishing.

    These extension bars can also be linked together thanks to precise manufacturing tolerances. There is no deflection or increased vibration in rotary mode when using multiple extension bars. We recommend a maximum of 2 extension!

    Solid anodized aluminum construction, notched to tighten with an open wrench.

    The extensions cannot be used with the 3 inch FLEX plate as they have no cut in the threaded center. These extensions are designed to work in smaller areas than a 3' plate allows. It is NOT suitable to install them on double action eccentric adapters (3mm or 12mm)!

    **These extensions ARE NOT the same as the adapter and cannot accept a polishing cone**