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    APS PRO FP50 V2 Backing Plate 2" for Flex PXE 80

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    APS PRO FP50 V2 Backing Plate 2" for Flex PXE 80

    The APS PRO 2'' backing plate is the solution for running a 2'' plate on your Flex PXE 80 to bridge the gap on even narrower spaces where the original 1'' and 3'' backing plates simply won’t fit your task.

    The stainless steel core has a conical shape that is enclosed in a flexible polyurethane. Being conical, you can easily see and guide the pad with minimal visual intrusion.

    It can be used in rotary mode, with or without extensions or «DA».


    - APS Pro FP50 V2 is a high quality Ø50mm professional Velcro pad suitable for Flex PXE80 wireless mini polishers.
    - Material: stainless steel
    - Closes the gap between the 1'' and 3''mm back plate and allows unrestricted use of 2'' polishing sponges
    - Rotation and eccentric operation possible
    - Diameter velcro: Ø48mm
    - Total weight: about 25.5 grams