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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • APS PRO Polishing Cones (Burgundy / Yellow)

    Burgundy (heavy cut)
    Yellow (medium cut)
    Black (finish cut)

    APS PRO Cônes de Polissage

    The APS PRO Polishing Cone is a high quality fine porous foam that fits all micro polishing tools in our APS collection.

    These are ideal for door interiors and handles, grills, wheels and any other polishing place.

    Select from:

    BURGUNDY: Coarse abrasive (compound)

    YELLOW: Moderate abrasive (polish)

    BLACK : Fine abrasive (finish)

    Descriptions :

    - APS Pro Polishing Cone is a high quality mini polishing cone.
    - Ideal for polishing rims, radiator grates, door handles and wherever mini polishers cannot reach.
    - Diameter at the tip: Ø5mm
    - Outer diameter: Ø30mm
    - Length of foam cone: 32mm
    - Positioning pin (Ø / L): Ø3mm / 30m

    Sold individually