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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Angelwax Vision 500mL

    Angelwax Vision 500mL

    Angelwax VISION is a high-performance cleaning product for glass surfaces. It has been designed to remove residues of flies, silicones and other contaminants to restore impeccable clarity and ensure safe driving.

    VISION is a ready-to-use formula that cleans windows without leaving streaks. It is the cleaner of choice to use before applying the Angelwax H2GO water repellent treatment.

    This specialized product is safe on all types of glass, including tinted film.

    Angelwax VISION has been rigorously tested in the laboratory and by many professional detailers all over the world to ensure the quality of the product so that you too can enjoy it on your vehicle.

    - Wash your vehicle beforehand.
    - Spray the Angelwax VISION on dry glass surfaces and clean with microfibre cloth like our Autofiber No Streak Freak.

    500mL format