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  • Angelwax Stripped-Ease - Oils and Wax Removal System 500mL

    Angelwax Stripped-Ease - Oils and Wax Removal System 500mL

    Angelwax STRIPPED EASE has been designed to strip/remove unwanted waxes and sealants from paint.

    The STRIPPED EASE has been formulated for car lovers who use different protections in search of finding the perfect match for their car. STRIPPED EASE removes waxes, sealants and silicones quickly and easily to ensure an optimal bond between the paint and the new protection to be installed.

    Angelwax STRIPPED EASE is also widely used as a "panel wipe", to remove residual oils and fats from the machine polishing stage just before the installation of a new paint protection.

    - Properly prepare the vehicle for processing, make sure it is cool to touch and clean. NEVER USE ON A HOT SURFACE.
    - Wet your clean microfibre cloth with the STRIPPED EASE, apply one or two sprays per panel and gently spread the product on the surface without pressure. Do not allow to dry. Remove the product with a second clean, soft microfibre. Remove excess product from surfaces for a clean, residue-free surface.
    - Always allow a 10-15 minutes before applying your new protection. Despite wiping the panels and not seeing anything visually, a product like STRIPPED EASE contains alcohols and solvents that penetrate the paint to thoroughly clean and remove grease. These products take a few minutes to evaporate.

    500mL format