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  • Acethetik Silly Coat - 50mL Graphene Ceramic Coating

    Acethetik Silly Coat - 50mL Graphene Ceramic Coating

    After more than 2 years of research and experimentation, Acethetik arrives with their first ceramic coating. One thing we admire about Acethetik, is that we know very well that the company does not release a product if they are not completely satisfied and convinced that they can compete with the great of this world.. and their new Graphene Coating is no exception.

    The Acethetik Silly Coat offers durability of up to 36 months, high gloss and increased resistance against elements, salt, calcium and traces of water (water spot), perfect for our conditions!

    Preparation :
    As with any ceramic protection, preparation is the key! Proper washing, two-step decontamination and surface polishing are required to maximize the adhesion and gloss of the paint prior to application of the protection. Once finished, finalize the panels to be treated with an alcohol solution to remove oils, fingerprints and any residual fat that could reduce the performance of the coating.

    Installation :
    - We suggest the use of block and suede or one of our Applicators Saver of the company Autofiber for the application of ceramic.
    - Shake/ Invert the bottle a minimum of 30 seconds. Let stand one minute before opening. (Invert the bottle frequently during installation)
    - Work a section of about 2 feet by 2 feet, using a cross motion to spread the solution on the surface.
    - The product will become slightly bluish after a few seconds, then after some time evaporation will increase. - The wiping time will vary depending on the room temperature and humidity. ** Pay attention to the product, the average wiping time varies between 1 and 3 minutes.
    - Use two microfibres for wiping and thoroughly inspect your panel after each section.
    Once the installation is complete, leave the car out of the weather for a minimum of 8 hours.

    Maintenance :

    - Wait a minimum of 7 days before first washing the vehicle.

    - Use mild, pH-neutral soap such as Acethetik Miss Coco for maintenance.
    - After washing, you can add gloss and maintain your ceramic with the Acethetik 1Nightstand, a quick detailer with a ceramic base, which will add depth to the paint and an intense water-repellent effect.

    Single bottle, 50mL size