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  • Acethetik Atomizer - pH Neutral Ferrous Decontaminant


    Acethetik Atomizer - pH Neutral Ferrous Decontaminant

    The Acethetik Atomizer is a new and highly effective formula designed to save time, while being safe for surfaces. Its lubricating formula (which does not leave a greasy finish on the surfaces) allows you to use a clay glove and perform 2 decontamination steps in one. In addition, its concentration is very similar to the competition for a fraction of the price.. in addition to having a much more pleasant scent!

    Directions for use:

    Spray the product, leave on for a minute and then start passing your block or decontamination glove. This way of proceeding allows you to save a lot of time and products, while reducing water consumption during your steps.

    Available in several formats.

    Formula ready for use.