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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Wheel Whoolie Power Wwoolies 12" With Drill Attachment PWRK12X

    Wheel Whoolie Power Wwoolies 12" With Drill Attachment PWRK12X


    The Power Woolie® PWRK12X, Braun's ulitmate power polishing woolie for use with air driven, electric and cordless tools. The PWRK12X comes with a control grip handle and Teflon bearings allowing the user to direct the Power Woolie brush to the polishing area with full control. Unlike foam polishing balls, Power Woolies will not disintegrate on rough surfaces or sharp metal edges.

    Power Woolies® are the safest and most effective way to clean vehicles, as well as the perfect go-to-tool for all power polishing needs. They can be used with any polish or buffing compound and feature the same fusion fiber technology used on all our Wheel Woolies® brushes which prevents brush fibers from coming lose or tearing apart.

    We inserted a 1/4" hex speed driver through the entire length of the Wheel Woolies® handle and is sized to fit your standard quick-change adapters. The steel hex driver is completely encased in the handle so there's no chance of scratching your work.

    • 1/4" hex speed driver
    • Head is constructed of polypropylene, recyclable fibers
    • Stainless Steel hex driver is completely encased to eliminate the risk of scratching
    • Chemical resistant