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  • Certification Fireball | 15-16 juin 2024

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  • Fireball Show Car Wax Black Wax 130g

    Fireball Show Car Wax Black Wax 130g


    Fireball Black Wax is a new high-end craft wax from the SHOW CAR series, developed exclusively for black paints with more than 20% pure carnauba T1 and 30% SiO2.

    The wax adds unparalleled depth and darkness to black cars. The hydrophobic effect is incredible. The protective properties prevent the formation of stains and water streaks.

    Features and Benefits:

    - 20% pure carnauba T1
    - Exclusively for black paints
    - Maximum shine and intense hydrophobicity
    - Soft texture for easy application
    - Durability 6 to 8 weeks.
    - Safe for all automotive paints, PPF and ceramic coatings.

    Instructions for use:

    - Wash and prepare the car before using the product
    - Apply a thin layer of wax in a circular motion using the Fireball Wax Applicator.
    - After about 20 minutes, polish with a soft microfiber, ideally Fireball Terry Bear. The time may vary depending on temperature and humidity.
    - A multilayer application is possible with an interval of 2 hours between layers.
    - The hydrophobic effect will be noticeable after about 3 hours, and the "Show Car" effect about 6 hours after application.

    - For mid-size sedans, work on whole panels before wiping.
    - Distribute the product as finely as possible, the wax jar is good for easily 15 applications.
    - Add an extra layer to deepen the glossy appearance of surfaces.

    Wax alone, sold without applicator.