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  • Fireball Angel Tears 3yrs Ceramic Coating 35mL

    Fireball Angel Tears 3yrs Ceramic Coating 35mL

    Fireball ceramic coatings, now accessible to amateurs DIYers

    Angel Tears is an innovative coating that protects surfaces from external contaminants. Angel Tears offers exceptional optical clarity with an incomparable list effect. 

    Angel Tears allows a longer working time and greater ease of use for experienced users and even for beginners. The exclusive formula infused with highly durable bonded ceramic nanoparticles creates a protective layer that repels water, contamination and provides high resistance to chemical damage and abrasion. 

    Angel Tears can be used effortlessly on all types of exterior surfaces.


    • Uses the highest quality ingredients.
    • Safe on all exterior surfaces.
    • Innovative design.
    • Excellent hydrophobicity.
    • Real life durability of 24-36 months.

    What’s in the box: 

    • (1) Fireball Angel Tears 35mL
    • (1) Applicator Block 
    • (4) Suede cloths for ceramic installation.


    Like any ceramic, preparation plays an essential role in the final result. Be sure to thoroughly wash all surfaces before starting your Fireball ceramic project.

    • If the surfaces has or show signs of wax, sealants or older ceramic, use Fireball Wax Off to reset your protection. Wax Off safely removes old waxes, sealants and even many ceramic coatings from surfaces in one easy step without the use of abrasives.
    • Perform chemical decontamination using Fireball Iron Burn to remove iron deposits and industrial fallout from painted surfaces.
    • Proceed to physical decontamination using a traditional or synthetic clay. We suggest the use of a synthetic clay glove with Fireball Iron Burn, thanks to its sufficiently lubricated formulation, will allow a quick and effective decontamination of all painted and glass surfaces. *Fireball Glass also works great for clay lubrication.
    • Dry surfaces.
    • We recommend performing a paint enhancement / correction. It should be noted that a ceramic coating does not require a correction to obtain good adhesion, however it must be completely free of oils and surface contaminants. *The use of abrasives HELPS clean/prepare the surface for proper adhesion. If the paint shows signs of damage, you will want to correct them before laying the ceramic.
      Once the surfaces are properly decontaminated and inspected, use the Fireball Reborn to remove remaining oils, finger prints and polishing residues from the surfaces. Reborn contains a mixture of several types of alcohols to remove oils that may still be present on surfaces and blocks the adhesion of the ceramic. We suggest using two soft microfiber cloths during this crucial step. One to apply the Reborn, the other to wipe leftover residue.


    • Use one of the suede cloth from the box and put it on the applicator block provided. Use the slots on the sides of the block to secure the suede cloth in place.
    • Invert the bottle several times before opening.
    • Open the bottle and pour a dozen drops on the suede cloth to cover most of the suede. Each new suede should be "primed" with a dozen drops.
    • Move up and down and left to right over sections of about 2 feet by 2 feet. You will want to level the product application as much as possible during this step, this step is crucial in order to respect the suggested wipe off times and cover the surfaces.
    • Angel Tears will create a "bubbling" effect, manifesting the process of evaporation of solvents. The wiping time varies according to the temperature and the ambient humidity which can range from +/- 45 seconds to a few minutes. ** Wiping the ceramic too early will remove too many ceramic particles and greatly reduce the smooth effect on the paint. You will want to feel a SLIGHT resistance under the microfiber when wiping, without having difficulty leveling the ceramic during the first pass of the microfiber.
    • Repeat the steps for the following sections. A second layer is not necessary, but can be applied inside a 4 to 12 hours following the installation of the first layer.
    • Once finished, thoroughly clean the inside of the cap and the top of the lid. Close the bottle and put it back in the box (away from sun) for future use. Once opened, it is best to use the ceramic within 6 months.

    35mL size, good for 2 to 3 vehicles.

    Tip: Angel Tears is the perfect topper for those looking for professional grade protection at little cost.