Waxaddict Vortex Wax 200mL

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Waxaddict Vortex Wax 200ml

Highly Advanced Wax...

Waxaddict Vortex Wax leaves a smooth finish with ultra fast water repellency and long lasting low friction surfaces. The core of the formula uses the finest grade natural hard waxes for maximum luster, these are finely balanced with flexible synthetic waxes and Si02 to give maximum strength, leaving your vehicle wrapped in a uniformed low friction coating that will withstand months of tough wear.

With Waxaddict's latest Contact Cure technology, a higher percentage of solid wax is transferred to the paintwork as you apply the wax. While the revolutionary ingredients make the wax cure in a much smoother finish which is evident when you remove it, with noticeably less buffing required than other waxes.


  • Appearance Characteristics: Smooth Finish with Superior Hydrophobic Properties
  • Durability: 3-6 months driveway daily driver / 6+ months garage queen
  • Volume: 200ml
  • Color: Natural
  • Scent: Sweet
  • Presentation: Luxurious Black Glass Jar
  • Amount of Applications: 65 +/-
  • All Waxaddict wax is handcrafted and poured in small batches by Waxaddict in the United Kingdom


  1. Wash the vehicle to remove all dirt and dry vehicle using a high speed blower or our Microfiber Madness WaveRider towel
  2. For best results, decontaminate, polish, and eraser polishing oils before application of wax
  3. If you do not machine polish the vehicle we recommend you clean the paint with Four Star Ultimate Pre-Wax Cleanser


  1. Apply sparingly with foam applicator using light pressure in straight lines.
  2. When wax is no longer wet or oily but before it becomes difficult, wipe off with Yellow Fellow premium microfiber towel - 5-15 minutes (dependent on temperatures).
  3. Repeat across each body panel.
  4. Stand back and enjoy the gloss and intense definition of the bodylines.


  • If vehicle is heavily contaminated - consider cleansing the surface before waxing.
  • If surface is swirled or lacks gloss - polish via Dual Action machine and our Polishing Pads with an appropriate polish before wax.