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    Menzerna Final Finish 3000 32oz

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    Menzerna Final Finish 3000 32oz 

    Menzerna Final Finish 3000 is the original finishing polish made by Menzerna of Germany for use on OEM finishes to remove minor swirls and create a high gloss, reflective finish. The polish has not been altered or watered down; this is the same polish you would use if you were working on a car production line or in a paint shop to get a professional quality shine.

    Menzerna Final Finish 3000 is very similar to the Menzerna Micro Polish in terms of finish but Final Polish works faster. Extremely fine abrasives polish the paint to actually remove minor spider webs, not just temporarily hide it. This is an important point: most finishing polishes or prewax cleaners contain solvent cleaners to clean the paint and remove minor flaws. Menzerna Final Finish accomplishes the same goal through mechanical polishing action that permanently improves the paint surface and will not contribute to dulling the paint in the long run.