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    Meguiar's Ultra Pro Speed Compound M110 - 32oz

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    Meguiar's Ultra Pro Speed Compound M110 - 32oz

    Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Speed Compound M110 helps you easily and safely remove heavy paint imperfections.

    The formula of the new M110 has been designed from scratch with Dual Action (DA) polishers in mind. Meguiar used what they call their SMAT (Super Micro Abrasive Technology) expertise. This polishing technology gives you the cutting power to eliminate swirls, scratches and other ugly imperfections while producing minimal dust and providing a long work cycle. You can use this compound on soft, medium or hard paint types without puzzles.

    When polishing, apply 3 to 4 drops the size of a pea to your tampon and work on one panel at a time. You will be amazed at how quickly you can eliminate serious defects and leave an optically clearer surface. Although this compound offers a relatively correct finish, it is strongly recommended to continue the correction with the M210 to reduce the misty effect of a heavy cut compound from the first correction step and restore exceptional clarity to the surfaces.