CarPro Reset - Intensive Car Shampoo 500 mL


Brand CarPro

CarPro Reset - Intensive Car Shampoo 500 mL

Reset Shampoo was developed as the perfect partner to nanotechnology sealants and coatings with cleaning properties tailored to their unique needs. Reset utilizes Intelligent pH Surfactants, which feature the strength of an alkaline cleaner whilst remaining pH-neutral in solution. Reset helps to break down dirt and traffic films in order to maintain the coating’s hydrophobicity. Combined with strong lubrication, easy rinsing, economical dilution ratio (500:1) and high foaming action. Reset is the perfect shampoo for maintaining your CQuartz coated vehicle’s beauty.


  • Intensive Maintenance Shampoo.
  • Contains No Additives.
  • Fresh Aquamarine Scent.

500mL size bottle.